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Contract Publishing with a Difference.

Published Poet and Writer, Margot Van Sluytman, who has been called, a “shameless promoter” of poets and writers, wears that moniker with deep pride.

She knows that not every stunning work with words is accepted by large publishing companies or small literary presses alike. Budgets, tastes, timing, and market determine what the houses will accept.  Loans, grants, and funding are not accessible to everyone.

Palabras-Press was created to address the issue of getting writers' work out there.

Margot has invested in her own work and  not only has she sold many copies of her books, she has  raised the awareness that to honour your writing is a must. She has inspired several individuals to do the same.

Working with writers from the early stages of their manuscript straight through the editing, printing, and promoting process, Margot sees that serious poets and writers participate in what many celebrated authors themselves have done: publication of their own work. The results of this choice are significant, namely:

**the author stands behind her/his work with dignity and pride, knowing that she/he valued the work enough to produce it;

** the public is offered the opportunity to know exquisite work.

The philosophy of  Palabras-Press is simple: publish. Dance with joy at the fact that you choose to honour your journey with words.

If you have work that you love and in which you believe;

If you want your work to be read by others;

If you  believe, like many of the most celebrated authors that to publish your work is to value your journey with words, to invest in you very self;

Then you are looking for us. We are looking for you.



Palabras-Press offers traditional as well as non-traditional publishing services. 
Our Web Publishing savvy, is second to none. Our partnering with, experts in Web Publishing, ensures this. Our experience with large, medium, and small projects guarantees the best quality and the most cost-effective service for your business, organization, or personal needs.

Editing. Creating copy. Proofreading. Language Audits.

  • Newsletters

  • Manuals

  • Short Stories

  • Poetry

  • Novels

  • Press Releases

  • Web site copy

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Public Relations copy

  • Reports

  • Media Releases

  • Radio, Newspaper, Magazine: advertising and copy

  • Business writing

To discuss your publishing requirements, kindly contact us at:

Palabras Press
Suite 417
211 Hunter Street, East
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 7B5
(705) 760-9446



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