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Ptarmigans Kids Clothing



Welcome to River Designs home of Ptarmigan Kids Clothing Co.  Here you’ll find fabulous, uncomplicated, easy to wear garments in bright bold colours.  Our fourteen year reputation is built on designing and manufacturing only the best in cotton casuals and polar fleece outergear.  We hope you will enjoy shopping with Ptarmigan as much as we enjoy bringing you and your children FUNctional, fun to wear clothing.

Fourteen years ago the name Ptarmigan was chosen as our company name. Pronounced: tar-mi-gan, a small grouse like bird that inhabits mountain and tundra areas o f the Northern hemisphere.

Identified by its white winter plumage and completely covered feathered feet, we felt this little polar bird to be a perfect symbol for our line of children’s outerwear.  As a the Ptarmigan layers its feathers for warmth so is the principal behind our polar fleece.  In the spring their plumage turns from white to a bright speckled mixture.  We also change our line to bright print colours, thus the parallel between the Ptarmigan and Ptarmigan Kids Clothing.


Lori A. McLean and Louise Campbell


374 GeorgeSt. N
Ontario, K9H 3R3

Phone: 705-876-0038
Fax: 705-876-0372
Toll Free: 1-888-kidtogs











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