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Gill Foss’s poem, Magic Landscape, was in the top ten of the Dance With Words Poetry Contest.  Gill is a Freelance writer/journalist

Magic Landscape

Fluttering reflections sing of butterflies
as snow-capped eagles duel with storm clouds
swaying above dappling shadows cast
against velvet mountains tinkling
with pine-stately waterfalls and
the honey drone of insects spinning
to catch the lingering inspiration
of old minds clothed in stars.
Here I follow the pattern etched in dew
Held close in the arms of autumn ghosts.

c Gill Foss


Moonlight Sun

Into the moonlight sun we shall arrive
Darkness, becomes of this flesh
Desires of the night bestow my soul
Enter the abyss

Shred off your dreams of fear

Playing with words
Playing with thoughts

Altering abnormality to become reality

Playing a game
Playing for fun

Under the Moonlight Sun

Rise from the grave, thought and soul
Glow in the sun to be at one

c Richard McKenna


Word Power

Words are symbols for ideas
To help you on your way
Thought turns into form
Directed by what you say
Words dance in our heads
Driven by the mind
Weaving many threads
Into stories that unwind
Pictures of your life
As you see and as you feel
Words are symbols for ideas
They can slay or they can heal

c Jeanne L. Thompson 2005


Woman Warrior Sage:
a book of poetry and prose-thoughts
a work in progress
by Misty Santana 

Click HERE for the work in progress


National Association for Poetry Therapy













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