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February 2005 Edition

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Article: Make the Mountain Before Climbing It
Tips on self-editing and revising
by Ben Antao

A friend recently asked if I would edit his manuscript in progress. “It’s like making a film,” I said, “You’ve to have the complete film ready before editing it.”  

Similarly, in editing a short story or a novel, we need to have the first draft completed. In other words, we have to make the mountain before we can climb it.

Look at the opening.  Does it introduce the main character and his/her problem? Does it make the reader interested or involved in the initial conflict? And is it all done ASAP so the reader can get on with the story?

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Writing: Woman Warrior Sage
a book of poetry and prose-thoughts
a work in progress

by Misty Santana

It’s a long journey to find the self.  It begins when you are willing to risk stepping beyond what your society has told you is your norm.  It is an often painful and solitary journey.  It is like a wolf pack.  You roam and sometimes you meet other wolves to socialize with, to roll and play and howl with, and often it feels alone.

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Writing: Poet and Editor Dance and Dialogue
Reproduced here with gratitude from

by Permission of Paul Mallory and Edwina Peterson Cross

The Question:

"Does anyone think my poem is good enough to submit to a literary journal?"

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Poetry: Gill Foss’s poem, Magic Landscape, was in the top ten of the Dance With Words Poetry Contest.  Gill is a Freelance writer/journalist

Magic Landscape

Fluttering reflections sing of butterflies
as snow-capped eagles duel with storm clouds
swaying above dappling shadows cast
against velvet mountains tinkling
with pine-stately waterfalls and
the honey drone of insects spinning
to catch the lingering inspiration
of old minds clothed in stars.
Here I follow the pattern etched in dew
Held close in the arms of autumn ghosts.

c Gill Foss

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