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Hello fellow lovers of words and sharing of them in a kindred and rich community.

How February has danced in here so swiftly, is an absolute surprise to us at

The happenings at the Press have been wonderful.  Fine writers have penned for your pleasure. Here is some of what you will read: Mike Lipsius’s review of Stephen King’s, “The Running Man”; Chris Cowling’s short story, “The Number Two Thing”;  Misty Santana’s work in progress, “Warrior Woman Sage”, Jeremy Van Sluytman’s experience learning new languages, in “Chinese and Spanish, Apples and Oranges”; Ben Antao’s helpful tips on self-editing.  We hope that you will enjoy these offerings and the many others that we have included in this issue.

One of the seemingly daunting aspects of being a writer is the fact of the ever-present rejection letter; the cool response of a busy editor; that sense we can feel of not being ‘good-enough’.

This month on , we have an inspiring article, “Poet and Editor Dialogue and Dance”.  Here we read the real encounter between a poet and an editor, which offers another view on what can be a sometimes unnerving interaction. Paul Mallory and Winnie Cross, dance with respect and content, and show us that honouring our work and the work of the other is most important.  We must state, that Winnie Cross is herself a poet, who wears both hats, and wears them well.

As promised, we have one of the top ten poems from, The First Annual Dance With Words Poetry Contest.  A lovely work, entitled,  “Magic Landscape”, by Gill Foss. As well, we have the pleasure of having an article about, Marilyn Monroe, from grade eleven student, Olivia Archambault.

We have been blessed with receiving a stunning essay on how poetry heals from the incoming President of the National Association of Poetry Therapists, Perie Longo, PhD, RPT.  Perie’s article takes as its starting point the brilliant words of William Carlos Williams:

It is difficult
To get the news from poems,
Yet men die miserably every day
For lack of what is found there.

Finally, in this month of love, we wish for all of you, in this growing and lively community, much love, tenderness, and creativity.

We look forward to your comments, article suggestions, and submissions.



The Staff at



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