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The Canadian Writers' Foundation, Inc. 


Since 1931, The Canadian Writers' Foundation has been helping Canadian writers who are no longer able to support themselves, coming to their aid as they face personal hardship or catastrophe - whether from infirmity, illness, or old age. Many organizations, public and private, help writers through their professional lives.  Only The Canadian Writers' Foundation is there when desperate writers struggle to find a way to live with dignity. 

Pierre Berton describes The Canadian Writers' Foundation's effort to help such auhors as, "essential to the literary well being of Canada."

Most of us are shocked to learn that past recipients include: E.J. Pratt, Hugh MacLennan, Milton Acorn, Roger Brien, Dorothy Livesay ... famous authors to anyone interested in our literature. Fame, however, does not pay the bills; it can only be a bitter consolation to an old age lived in poverty.

Only through your generosity, the generosity of Canadians truly committed to our literature and the authors who produce it, can The Canadian Writers' Foundation continue doing its work - helping impoverished Canadian writers.

For more information, visit The Canadian Writers' Foundation web site by clicking HERE.




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