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Language and Colour Dance and Explode

The painting above, by Montreal Artist, Caroline Archambault, is one in a series of eighteen paintings created by Ms Archambault.  Her paintings were based on Ms Van Sluytman’s published poems. Ms Archambault called this painting, Milky Bliss.  


Sensuality/Milky Bliss 

Sensuality entangles
Me with its vibrant
And charmed moistness.
Between the sheets
I feel the urge to
Be known
To be tasted,

And heated
Energy flows
And writhes
And bellows out
To be held
To be consumed.
Partaking of fire
And water
And earth.  

Knowing the will
To feel fierce
To sample fierceness
To undo all the
Fetters that stand in
The way of facing
The entrance
From which springs
And flows tender
And milky bliss.  

c 2001 Margot Van Sluytman  
From her published work, Feeding Dreams



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