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Article: Spanish, Chinese, Apples, and Oranges
by Jeremy Van Sluytman, Teacher, Musician

Sometimes it seems that ever since leaving Canada in 1996, the one question
that I've been asked most often is, "Which do you prefer?"; Ecuador or
Canada, Venezuela or China, Spanish or Chinese.  I have to say that the
experiences I have had in all of those countries and with Spanish and
Chinese have done much to make the old cliché about apples and oranges so
true to me.  In fact, I might be able to ask the question which is easier. 
Even to answer that question properly though, I would have to provide a
little background.

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Article: Marilyn Monroe 
by Olivia Archambault, Student

There have been a lot of actresses to come in and out of Hollywood, but there has been one specific actress that everyone has heard of and knows, and that is Marilyn Monroe. With her signature blonde hair and sexy poses how can you not know who she is? Well if you don’t, this report will help you learn more. 

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Article: Poetry as Therapy
by Perie Longo, PhD, RPT

Since 1991, I have been conducting group poetry reading and writing sessions at Sanctuary Psychiatric Centers. My interest in this field began as far back as I can remember, before I ever knew there was such a thing as poetry therapy. As a child I remember sitting in school daydreaming. My mind would wander out the window, and as it did, my feet would begin to tap a rhythm. The more I would fall into the rhythm, the more complex it would become, and then words and images would swim to mind. Before I could write them down, however, the teacher would call me back to the classroom, where shame would quickly replace ecstasy, having lost one focus for another. Only years later would I understand that entering the space of rhythm was the place where poetry dwelt, and that place resisted the mind of everyone but the individual, the creative Self, the "I."

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